The Jae Sinnett Trio – Altered Egos

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The Jae Sinnett Trio

“Jae Sinnett’s new trio album Altered Egos, shows the veteran drummer at the top of his game as a player and bandleader. The recording quality is fantastic. The drum and cymbal tones on the standard “Remember,” for instance, are so clear it’s as though you are in the middle of the group as they swing! The ingenious 7/4 version of “The In Crowd” and the 6/8 reimagining of “Summertime” are both grooving’ and a display of the musicians technical prowess. The players in the group are all world class and there is a brilliant cohesion to their collective voice. For a clear example check out “Something In Common.”

Steve Smith
(Vital Information – Journey)


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