Upgrading The Arts

“My simple thought for today…There’s the old saying that art imitates life.  It’s true in many instances.  The arts simply parallel and get inspiration from the communities they serve and thrive in creative environments.  The quality of what’s produced though reflects in general, the thought put into it which consequently affects expectations.  What are the intentions of the art?  There’s art for commercial successes and art for artistic achievements.  What’s more meaningful in the long run?

Most popular song lyrics written today are on a third grade level research reveals.  In music education the number of students outside of a school fine arts system, WANTING to learn how to really play an instrument seriously, have reduced dramatically.  Key word is seriously.  Fewer care now and don’t want to put in the time, intense study and thought it takes to play on a high level.  Is it laziness?  Being overwhelmed with the onslaught of information the internet presents?  Don’t know but the point is why so few seemingly don’t want to think more deeply in general about what they see and hear and want for themselves…which means the arts could use an upgrade.” – Jae

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