The Art of Communication

“My simple thought for today…It’s amazing how the art of performing music parallels verbal communication.  They are both languages.  I always find it interesting when folks feel they have to yell to be heard.  Yelling simply annoys those in hearing range.  They will hear you by default but won’t LISTEN.  Playing music is a form of communication but without the spoken word.  The louder, more boisterous, cluttered and irritating you play or speak, the fewer will listen.  They might hear you but won’t retain anything you’ve said or played.  It becomes meaningless.  In speaking, the what and how determines the connectivity potential.  Smart timing, tone, pacing, tonal movement, dynamics and range of the idea, like in music performance, all play a significant role in determining how those in hearing range will respond or engage.  There are methods to get those to hear you and methods to get them to listen and they don’t necessarily co-sign each other.” – Jae

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