Seasonal Reflections

“My simple thought for today…It’s interesting in how this time of the year brings on stress for many people.  Could be tension in the family, money or just the pressure of feeling like you HAVE to do something.  That stress permeates itself in different ways…road rage, saying nasty things to people, impatience…etc.  Many short fuses out here.  This is though the time for inner peace.  A time of objective and honest reflection.  The complete antithesis of outward conflict.  It’s a time to cherish our blessings and meaningful purpose.  Think of the good you can do to help someone else feel better about life and themselves and also take time for self-evaluation.”  – Jae

3 thoughts on “Seasonal Reflections

  1. Jae, well said ! I have followed your career for many years and admire your compositions and performances greatly. Your words ring true for this person also on a journey through life. To be involved in any way with music is to be greatly blessed. To find meaning and purpose through that involvement is all the sweeter. My own privilege to play music for worship and especially percussion for special programs during the Christmas Season gives to me a reason for being and a way to say how much I appreciate this life. It is truly a gift and a responsibility to show kindness to and compassion for others. God Bless You.

    1. Thank you Steve. I just saw your kind message. There have been some technical glitches with my site that we’re just ironing out so my apologies for the delay. Thank you so much for the kind words.

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