On Being Humble….

“My simple thought for today…some of the kindest and most thoughtful people I’ve met in my life don’t or didn’t have a college degree.  Don’t or didn’t make much money.  Didn’t have a fancy house or car.  Had little professional success.  Never really traveled much or wanted much for that matter.  They have amazing layers of humility and humbleness and they will look at you with a real smile.  Eyes that tell the truth in stories.  Hold out their hand in sincere welcome.  Never feel they’re above anyone or privileged…nor do they have a negative word to say about anyone.  Inspiring.  You have to wonder how much at times, success plays into creating snobs.  I say that with a weak bit of humor but it’s something I’ve thought about.  I’ve seen success make folks cold or needing to be overly protective.  Or feeling the need to be tough in thinking with the success, you need to demonstrate power which is a product of ego and control.  Those that stay humble with their success…set a beautiful standard in enlightening others.” – Jae

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