Embracing The Journey

“My simple thought for today…sometimes it really is about the journey…more than the end result.  Musicians for example can study for years, grow and develop and write and play the perfect song in our minds…everything on point and in the end it might fall on deaf ears.  It happens but in no way does it reflect failure.  In an end result world, the journey at times is overlooked or not respected.  The journey and commitment is what defines the mission and purpose.  There will always be success in this regard.  With many the bottom line is the dollar amount but equally as interesting is how some define failure.  A teacher may not know how important those lessons were and how they motivated them to excel.  The deep appreciation and gratitude.  Sometimes the hard work ethic in getting to the objective deserves more respect, appreciation and acknowledgement than the end result.  Quantity doesn’t always represent quality.” – Jae

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